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The only source of knowledge is experience

-Albert Einstein


In most real estate, purchase, sale and refinance transactions, time is of the essence and the knowledge of all the intricacies of a transaction to take place ahead of time from years of experience, will, without question, help your lawyer handle your transaction without unneeded bumps. NLCI Your Real Estate Lawyer Professional Corporation has been in the business for over 20 years and has successfully closed thousands of real estate transactions. We deliver competence and expertise you need in our target area of practice which is real estate and commercial law. Our staff is fully trained, speaks several languages including Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Filipino, Punjabi, French and patois-creole.


It is not very hard to find a real estate lawyer to close a real estate transaction. However, to find a lawyer who can give you advice not only specific to the transaction that is being handled but also on matters that you never anticipated may have a direct and indirect
impact on you or your closing, information that can be critical, can be  hard. NLCI Your Real Estate Lawyer Professional Corporation is recognized for providing advice one can trust. We consider the client’s interest to be our first priority and provide our clients with a
variety of legal suggestions and solutions that are tailored to their needs.


We start by listening to you. Finding solutions and answers that you need and serve you best, is our priority. Delivering these solutions in a professional manner and within your deadlines is our target. We aim to take the stress out of messy situations whether it be a delayed real estate closing or a matrimonial dispute over the distribution of funds. We are committed to help and close transactions to the complete satisfaction of our clients.



Legal Success

Many clients are often confused when negotiating the terms of an agreement of purchase and sale.

  • “Do I need a home inspection?”

  • “What is title insurance?”

  • “Am I eligible to HST rebate on the purchase of my new home?”

  • “What happens if my closing does not happen on time?”

  • “What happens if the co-owner fails to contribute to the mortgage?”

  • “Is a trust agreement enough protection for me?”

  • “Should I waive the condition if there are special assessments or a budgetary deficit?”

The above are some of the questions that you may be asking yourself. In order to have peace of mind and ensure that you are fully protected, call NLCI Your Real Estate Lawyer Professional Corporation. We are here to answer all your queries and ensure that your transaction closes smoothly.


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