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Will Questionnaire

This Document is Confidential. Please take a moment to fill out the form.

The purpose of this form is to evaluate the size of your estate and to gather the basic information for us to provide you with an opinion as to the
length of time it will take to prepare your Will and the charges applicable. This questionnaire is designed in a manner that allows you to give pertinent information to our office without providing personal information (such as identification of bank accounts) on line that may put you at risk. An interview is a must in order to discuss the best way to distribute your assets and ensure that your Will is in compliance with your wishes, with the minimum tax consequences.

We do not require that you give the dollar value of these assets as of now. Simply write down the municipal addresses of any real estate property you own, identify the year and make of the motor vehicles of value which you possess and list significant valuables such as jewelry, paintings, collections.

Please list details of any properties owned by you and set out whether you own these properties in your name alone or with someone else. If the property is owned by you and someone else, please advise as to whether title is being held jointly or as tenants in common. Please specify your percentage of interest, if applicable. If you have a land/home that you wish to gift to a special person, indicate the name of the person you want to gift the property to and his/her relation to you

Please note we will require that you bring in your ownership papers (deed of land) for our review at the time of the interview

The executor is the person who will carry out your wishes under your Will. We suggest that you provide the names of the person(s) you trust and who you feel would be most competent to handle your affairs after your death. The person can be a spouse or a child over 18 years. We recommend that the person be younger than you and lives in Ontario.
Names of Executor(s) in order of preference:

The beneficiary is the person you wish to give your assets to. If the person is a minor, you may set up a trust to hold the assets for the minor until such time as the minor reaches of age. A spouse and/or children can be beneficiaries.

Names of Beneficiaries and identification of gifts:
Please state clearly how you wish your executor should distribute your wealth and possessions after your death. Please note that if you are holding title to any real estate property jointly with someone, title will automatically pass on to the other person as surviving tenant. If you do not want this, then speak to your lawyer about amending the joint tenancy to tenancy-in-common. Please note that if you are a spouse, and you have a matrimonial home, your spouse has an undivided 50% interest in the matrimonial home even if his/her name is not on title unless your spouse signed a domestic contract/prenuptial agreement indicating that he/she would not have interest in the home. If this is the case, provide us with a copy of the prenuptial/domestic contract. Even if you do not own a home, know that your spouse has a preferential share of $350,000.00 in your estate under the law and you may not entirely deprive your spouse of his/her interest in your estate.

Please also note that if you have any RRPS’s, investments and life insurance for which you have already appointed a beneficiary, then these would not form part of the residue of your estate and cannot be gifted under your will. If you intend that your children will not share equally in your estate, please provide a reason for same (e.g. one of the children suffers from certain condition or is afflicted by certain disability, or. e.g. a child has not had any contact with you and not shown any consideration for you, or in fact has been highly abusive of you, etc.)

Please list the names, date of birth, address, and relation to you for each specific gift:


Please note that we will require that you bring in copies of any agreements at the time of the interview.



Funeral Instructions:


Thank you for taking the time to complete the NLCI WILL QUESTIONNAIRE.
Our office will be reviewing same and we will be contact you within three (3) business days.
If you require immediate assistance, please feel free to email us at
or call our office at 416 292 4667. We will be glad to assist you.

Thanks for submitting!

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